Change The World Slow: The Power Of Thinking Small

Honey bee on dandelion flower.Changing the world: politics; religion; personal growth; happiness. These matter. They’re big things. So it’s natural to look for big complex answers. People have plenty to offer, but no one has answers quite big enough to satisfy everyone. Big answers are still too small it seems.

Somewhere in us, we know the answers must be simple somehow. The best solutions tend to be quite elegant. Yet every time we apply simple solutions to the biggest problems, they don’t work any better than the complex ones did.

That’s because they are not quite simple enough. When we get our thinking small enough, the best ways to apply them will be clear.

Thinking small leads to small answers. Small answers are humble, but real. Understandable. Achievable, even easy.

Small steps are what our feet were designed to take. Small steps are what movement is made out of. Once you’re moving, you’ve harnessed one of the most fundamental laws of nature: Inertia holds us back, momentum propels us forward.

One smile is reciprocated by another smile. That is a 100 % return on investment in seconds. Smiling, laughter, relaxation, forgiveness: small things like these are highly contagious. And they are their own reward.

A small step meets little resistance. The worst you can do is make a small mistake.

And small steps fit nicely in the spaces between other things we’re busy with, so they do not have to fight your life’s main current. They cost only a moment.

Taken together, these attributes make thinking small a powerful thing. So use your power. Change the world the most efficient way–slowly. One small step at a time.

  • Smile
  • Forgive
  • Share
  • Praise
  • Act
  • Help
  • Love
  • Appreciate
  • Relax
  • Learn
  • Laugh
  • Thank

Is that it? No, that’s just a small list. But it will take you far.

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6 Responses to Change The World Slow: The Power Of Thinking Small

  1. Darrin Gaking says:

    Reminds me of this:
    How does an Eskimo eat a whale?… One bite at a time

  2. ah, new background and pictures :)
    i like!

    one baby step at a time is what my friend said to me once. one baby step at a time.
    resist impatience!

    Noch Noch

  3. Fran Sorin says:

    Mark….hmmmm…I love the concept of the power of thinking small….it is like making a needlepoint tapestry. Each small thought or action gains momentum into something that you have no idea what shape it takes. Small isolated moments have unique beauty and purpose in our life. I have come up with the phrase ‘creative morsels’ to describe the tiny, delicious creative interludes that bring meaning and exuberance into your life.

    I read quite a few of yours and Markus’ post. Really fine stuff. It’s a pleasure coming over to visit. :) Fran

    • Mark says:

      Thanks Fran, I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read.

      It’s a little hard to get excited about thinking small, but I find that for me, it helps immensely for me to quit thinking about all the big things that are out of my power and focus on the smaller things that I can do.

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