Forge Thyself

Socrates bust, Louvre Museum
Socrates, Louvre Museum (Photo by Eric Gaba)

Socrates is famous for his formulation of the essence of philosophy: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

The examined life is opening your mind to what your senses reveal of Nature: science and philosophy.

And Socrates is said to have had the motto, “Know Thyself.”

To know thyself is opening the mind to the natural realms within. Having an examined self makes possible the art of life–of applying both creativity and knowledge to the shaping of one’s own being.

Such concise crystals of timeless wisdom.

But I take this one step further. With my motto, I commit to the lifelong struggle to practice that sacred art. Thus, my motto is: “Forge Thyself.”

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2 Responses to Forge Thyself

  1. i like that motto of yours. i have a similar one, but perhaps not as profound and deep as forging a soul. i am about “be myself” this year :)

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