Doing The Work

Picture of a miner from the Thomas Fischer Rare Book LibraryPerhaps one day, when people ask me what I do for a living, I will be able to honestly say “I’m a blogger.” For now, that is still a dream.

Markus and I both live in the real world, struggle to pay the bills, and wrestle every day with the things we write about. The past couple of weeks have been focused on doing the work, for both of us, to an extent that we haven’t been able to publish.

We’ve both felt bad about that, but we talked about it and felt it was better to let time pass rather than just write for the sake of maintaining a schedule. I can assure you we’re both committed to putting our heart and soul into this forum and making a difference.

When I was writing the privacy policy for the site, I removed some of the default tracking and inadvertently disabled the subscriptions. Not that it affected many people, but that contributed to it being quieter than normal around here. I hope to get that straightened out soon.

Thanks for coming by, and if it’s ever quiet in the future, why not take the opportunity to look at some of the older posts, there are a couple gems back there!

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6 Responses to Doing The Work

  1. Steve K says:

    The two of you had a lot of excellent posts in a relatively short period of time, so I think you had break coming. And I feel it’s better to let your past postings be full digested and discussed before moving on too quickly. Additionally, from a marketing aspect – just like in good writing, it helps to build some anticipation in your audience of what’s to come…

    • Mark says:

      Thanks Steve. It wasn’t so much a matter of taking a break in writing, it was more a matter of not being able to get to it long enough to produce something of adequate quality. Believe it or not, I wrote 8000 words during the past week or so but it is all draft material, I’m still working with it to produce something to post. I appreciate very much though that you find the blog to have a reservoir of quality and that it might be worth the wait when things get quiet here now and then.

  2. I like that attitude! quality not quantity!
    and i think those who like your writing will keep coming back whether you have new posts or not. I personally dont think we need to stick to a schedule. We write when we feel like it
    Thanks for reminding us
    Hope all else is well otherwise
    Noch Noch

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for the encouragement Noch. I agree that when something goes from being a passion to being more like a job, where you do it because it is time to do it rather than because of a feeling, something very precious is lost. As much as we’d like to have everything, what I can sacrifice is regularity, in order to stay focused on quality. Over time I suspect it won’t be necessary to sacrifice anything, but we’re just getting started. Still learning to integrate the blog into our lives. Otherwise, all is well. Lots of great developments and things going on.

  3. Maria says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    I immediately responded to the title of your post. I think doing the work is what it is all about. Everyday. Even if it is not glamorous. I think the MOST committed people are the one’s who do the work, no matter what the work is.

    All the best,

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