About Forging Soul

Our eyes are natural instruments for seeing beauty in the physical world.

Nature’s given us instruments to see inner beauty as well, if we’ll but use them. It doesn’t matter if you call it heart, soul, or mind. It’s all of these things and more–intuition and imagination–all come together to give us sight to see purpose fulfilled, potential realized.

To look deeply and see truly, orient toward that inner beauty, then cultivate our potential and realize its purpose–that is what we call “forging soul.”

The seed of unique inner beauty we’re each born with will grow in the merest pinch of the most inhospitable soil. But to become an expression of the fullness it contains, it needs more. The seed of what we can become needs soil with freedom, virtue and purpose. Only there will this seed fully express its unique essence, and so enrich the universe.

In freedom, we exercise our capacities, express our uniqueness and become strong. Through virtue, wisdom guides that strength. With purpose, we focus our powers to make something of unique beauty of our lives.

This blog, this digital Stoa Poikile, was established to be a meeting place, a resource for all who forge soul. We’ll bring together ideas, techniques, and a community to support the adventure.

It’s a struggle to make of ourselves something beautiful in the eyes of God, Humanity, our loved ones, or even just in our own eyes. But this work, the perennial unitary root of religion and life philosophy, is well worth the cost. And it is better to struggle together than alone.

We, people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and ideologies can work cooperatively to cultivate inner beauty–in ourselves, in each other and in the world. Let’s prove that together.

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