Markus Jacquemain

I spent much of my formative years in the woods being schooled by the legendary Tree-Monks of Ohio – maples mostly. From then on I was hooked on life’s deeper questions.

Years were spent in California studying a wide array of religious movements, cults and frauds while cultivating a taste for sweet green tea and bitter black coffee. I worked jobs digging ditches, hauling bricks and building models for Hollywood. Eventually, I decided to take it easy.

I earned degrees in anthropology and religion, fascinated with the cross-cultural components of belief. I worked as Field Team Leader and Assistant Director of the White Mountain Archaeological Center and coauthored a study of Southwestern petroglyphs and Anasazi iconography.

I’ve enjoyed questionable adventures in Mexico, time with a Mayan family in Central America, discussions with Native American shaman and memorable evenings with a witches coven in Southern California.

Ohio called me home to raise a family, enjoy the seasons and continue my training with the trees.

I have five-year-old twins (boy and a girl) and work as a Software Analyst at Akron Children’s Hospital.

My e-mail is markus at

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